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What Is My IP?

IP, the full name of the Internet Protocol address, refers to the IP address, which means the digital label of the device assigned to the Internet Protocol. IP assigns a logical address to each network and each host machine on the Internet to mask the difference in physical addresses.

For example, the IP address of a computer connected to the Internet is 11010010 01001001 10001100 00000010, Obviously, these numbers are not easy to memory for humans.

In order to the memory easily, we divide the 32 – bit binary of the IP address of the computer into four segments, each segment has 8 bits separated by a decimal point, and then convert each eight-bit binary into a decimal number, after that the IP address 11010010 01001001 10001100 00000010 is changed to

Common versions of IP addresses are IPv4 and IPv6, and there are other small versions that are not commonly used. One of the main differences between IPv4 and IPv6 is that IPv4 provides 4,294,967,296 addresses, IPv6 increases the original 32-bit address space to 128 bits which means IPv6 can provide 6×1023 network addresses per square meter on the earth which will not be exhausted in the foreseeable future.
How is the Internet Protocol realized? Network interconnection devices, such as unblock websites Ethernet, packet-switched networks, etc., are not interoperable with each other. The main reason for the inability to communicate is because the basic units of the data they transmit ( technically called “frames” ) have different formats. Actually, the IP protocol is a set of protocol software consisting of software and programs. It converts various “frames” into a “network protocol packet” format. This conversion is one of the most important features of the Internet, making all kinds of computers can be interoperable on the Internet.

However, surfing the internet is not always safe due to your IP address may leak. To get a private and secure online experience, we strongly recommend you to hide your IP with a virtual private network – VPN.

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What Is A DNS Leak?

Today we are going to talk about what DNS is, including the DNS work principle, and the reason of DNS leak that makes your online information like email, facebook, twitter, tinder, even online bank be hacked.

DNS ??which is short for Domain Name System ??is a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other on the World Wide Web. The address on the Internet is a numeric IP address, and the domain name is to memory easily. It enables users to access the Internet without remembering the IP strings that can be read directly by the machine.

The DNS work principle, for example, a domain name:, is to see this HTTP service. If you want to access the website, you need to resolve it. First, resolve it to a web server through a dedicated DNS server at the domain registrar on the fixed IP 211.221.1., then receive the domain name through the web server, the domain name is mapped to this server. After that, entering the domain name to access the website content. That is the whole process of domain name resolution is realized.

There are several main reasons for a DNS leak event, usually due to some form of a configuration error, VPN or network, or Microsoft Windows itself. It may also be because of some more malicious incidents, for example, an attacker controls your router.

The main factors that cause DNS leaks:

?Your operating system may have features that interfere with DNS traffic.

?Your DNS is configured to use a DNS server that is not controlled by VPN.

?An incorrect network configuration caused a DNS request leaks.

? Do not support IPv6 address.

How to prevent DNS leaks?

Using A VPN !!

Although we write this article based on the assumption that you should already use a VPN, unblock websites this issue is worth repeating. A VPN service can easily hide your traffic and obscure IP addresses to prevent DNS leaks.

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VPN for beginners: RitaVPN

For a quick fix, you can download RitaVPN, without entering any registration information, and start using its VPN immediately. (On startup, you can choose “Tourist login” to skip the registration step.)

While the free version doesn’t include the option to choose a location, you’ll be automatically connected to a server that offers the optimal Internet connection at the moment, and your traffic encrypted from prying eyes. There’s a monthly data cap of 30GB, which makes this a good option for securing your daily browsing, financial transactions and emailing, rather than streaming geo-restricted content.

Security: RitaVPN adopts CA authentication system (use asymmetric cryptography). The biggest advantage of asymmetric cryptography system is extremely high security. RitaVPN provides 1024-bit asymmetric key algorithms to secure users’ authentication while communicating with the gateway server. In addition, RitaVPN adopts MD5 message-digest algorithm to process data, which ensures data integrity. No user information is requested in order to use the free unblock websites service.

Servers: Optimal server only; premium version has access to close to 20 servers covering major countries in the world

Data cap? Yes, 30GB per month; counter resets every month

Zero logs? Yes. No identifying information or browsing logs are stored. Ads shown while using the free service (which is ad-supported) are generic, according to RitaVPN

Available for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS on RitaVPN

VPN for smartphones: Speedify


Like the other services on this list, Speedify offers a free version of its paid-for VPN-and this free version comes with a 2 GB data cap. It’s really intended for people to try out the service before subscribing (and the app will often pop up offers to subscribe) but if you only want a VPN for smartphone use, that data limit should cover it comfortably; 2 GB is roughly equivalent to 89 hours of mobile browsing or nearly 70,000 emails or WhatsApp messages. Even by day or by month you can set data limits to make sure you don’t circumvent your cell plan support.

On a smartphone with both cellular and Wi-Fi connection, you can also take advantage of Speedify’s channel bonding technology for fast, reliable connection-it combines multiple internet connections, such as Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet if on the desktop, to provide more bandwidth and faster page loading. Yet Speedify does not speed up its free users as compared to other providers. (Note: after the app has installed, a login screen will suggest subscribing or starting a 7-day free trial; shut this window without selecting either, in order to view the free service dashboard.) For that matter, if a data limit isn’t an issue because you’re only going to be using your VPN occasionally-such as to make financial transactions -Speedify is also a good free option for the desktop.

Security: Connections are secured with 256-bit encryption that can use either AES or ChaCha protocol depending on the device (older devices may not support AES).

Servers: 1,000 servers in 38 countries

Data cap? 2 GB

Restriction of speed? No

Logs? No logs. Your IP address and a device identifier are stored temporarily in order to provide service without users needing to register for an account, and deleted after a connection is closed.

Speedify can be downloaded on Windows, Linux, Linux, iOS and Android.

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Factors to Consider in Getting a Forklift Certification

Changes in technology have revolutionized almost every sector known to man. Work is now much easier due to the development of tools and machines or equipment that can be used to carry it out as compared to the use of manual labour in the past.

One such sectors that has benefited from these technological advancements is the transportation industry. In years past work was done manually and therefore the amount of it accomplished at the end of the day would be very limited.

Technology has tried to solve this problem by developing machines that are able to carry out the same tasks that humans would do in small scale, but this time on a large scale simply because all that is needed to run the machine is fuel and someone on the driver’s seat and it works. One of the machines in the transportation industry that has revolutionized work is a lift truck. It is wise when having loads to carry that one looks for a fork lift since it lightens their burdens in a very pleasant way.

Owning a lift truck is not a minor issue and therefore requires that one be licensed to keep it. It is very risky to own a fork lift as it is capable of causing accidents. This article therefore has been written with an aim of providing you with some of those important factors that will assist you make a more informed decision.

Being aware of the cost of having your truck or lift truck certified is very key to the owner because it enables him or her to plan their finances well as well as make a reasonable budget for the same. The charges one is willing and able to pay for this kind of equipment depends on their financial capability and capacity. Those with a great and significant amount of financial resources would be willing to pay more for the same truck compared to those who do not have as much. Choose to own a fork lift only if you are able to pay the certification and renewal fees comfortably.

Another critical factor to put into consideration are the user’s needs. The buyer should consider the availability of other alternatives that would enable him or her meet the needs for the truck without having to own one as this demands other requirements such as certification to be fulfilled. One should only opt to own a certified lift truck if their needs for a lift truck are likely to be more than once and over a long period of time. The extent of the user needs is therefore important to consider.

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Importance of Online News

Technology has changed how people get their news; nowadays people prefer to read the news online that to buy newspapers. Most of the newspaper companies have chosen to improve so that they can meet the needs of the reader. The newspaper companies do not have a choice all they need to do is to upgrade and start using technology to send the news to people if they want to stay in the market. Here are the advantages of doing online news.

It is effortless for you to access news online. You can get online news on your phone or laptop anywhere and at any time. For you to get the news online you must have access to the internet. You do not have to go to the shop to buy a newspaper so that you can read the news. When you are using the internet to get news, you do not waste time because you do not have to keep on going to the shop to buy the newspapers.

You do not have to pay any amount of money so that you can access the report. You have to pay so that you can read newspapers or magazines, but when it comes to accessing hot and breaking online news it is free, and it will not cost you anything. You only need a laptop and a source of net so that you can get the story.

When you are reading your report online, the information is updated every time that anything happens. When the news is updated now, and then there is no way that you will be out of the loop on current news update. With online communication, there is no way that you are going to wait so that you can get the recent news of activities that are happening. Reading newspapers the information they have is usually dead information compared to real-time updates of breaking new.

When you are reading news online, you do get an opportunity of accessing various newspapers from a single source. When you are reading your news from online sources, you do get a chance to get the breaking news immediately, and you can access international news also. You only need to bookmark so that you can access news online .

When you want to collect data, you can easily collaborate news items by checking the links that are related to the news. You can rely on online news to get information.

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Here is How to Protect Your Account From Being Taken Over by Fraudsters

How would you feel if you went shopping and upon using your credit card the bank does not recognize you? Credit card users normally experience these scenarios on a daily basis when they face account takeover attacks. Read on to learn methods of preventing such terrible hacks.
Account takeover fraud happens when cybercriminals access user accounts. The first thing attackers do is to change the password, phone number, postal and email addresses which results in locking out the real account owners. The victim will not receive any communication on any unusual activity which delays them from realizing their account has been hacked. Since the account details have been altered, if the real account owner reports the anomaly the fact that they will not be able to verify the information they are also suspiciously treated.

Several renowned websites appreciate cybersecurity and have gone ahead and installed methods of protecting their users. Although there is no magic pill to prevent account takeovers they can be prevented using these tips. There is nothing wrong in always confirming your account activity. The number of times you check your account depends with you, however, this can be helpful, and you will notice any unusual activity going on. If you are alerted about any suspicious activity or changes in your password, do not ignore them. Always remember all the payments that you have done using your credit card.

Avoid suing public wifi for your banking. Even if wifi connections are handy when you are out shopping, but as a standard user it is hard to tell if the wifi is safe for use. Shared files and printers should be turned off; firewall turned on to protect your data. Your bank account and credit card details should never be entered when you are using public wifi. Switch off a wifi hotspot when you finish a session.

Use distinct and safe passwords for each of your single accounts. You will be easily attacked if you use one password across all your sites. All the acquired credentials by attackers are sold to the dark web. Hackers normally use such credentials to access other sites because they know most people use similar usernames and passwords.

You can boost your account security with multi-factor authentication in the process of identification. The common one is where codes are sent as a text message to the cell phone user. Having a unique and strong password, as well as any other tips, can help to keep your account secured and you are not an easy target. A company should protect accounts belonging to clients. Inform your users of any suspicious activity, assist your users in selecting passwords and enabling the multi-factor authentication.

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Benefits of Training in Postpartum Care

You need to get trained on postpartum care to ensure that you maintain good health for you and even others who might need your help. Once you are trained in postpartum care you will also improve your mental and physical well-being. Here are some of the benefits that are associated with training on postpartum care.

You Learn More on Breastfeeding and Exercise

When you train on postpartum care you will get knowledgeable about the importance of doing exercise and breastfeeding your baby after giving birth. You will learn that doing exercise after giving birth is one of the ways of keeping you healthy. Also, you become knowledgeable on how to breastfeed your baby and which type of foods and drinks to take to ensure that you produce more milk for your baby.

You Learn More On How to Lose Heavy Weight

Undertaking training on postpartum care ids very crucial as you will have an opportunity to know which methods to use for you to attain a healthy weight. Training ensures that you practice various methods like walking after you give birth so that you can attain a proper weight for you. You will have to learn that having an excessive weight can lead to various diseases associated with the heavyweight hence affecting your health negatively.

You Get Answers to the Questions You Always Had On Postpartum Care

Training on postpartum care ensures that you get answers to questions that were always on your mind. You will have an opportunity to ask the trainer all the questions you have on postpartum care and you will get the answers right. Also, you will have an opportunity to read books on postpartum care that will guide you on how to go about it hence building confidence in you. The more you acquire more information about postnatal care, the more you get to live a healthy and successful life. You will have to learn so many tips to practice daily and become one of the best mothers in the world.

You Get to Know Why You Should Rest

Training on postpartum care helps you to understand why resting is essential. Resting is important after you give month and should be practiced for one month depending on the health status. Resting is significance as it ensures that you recover and get healed slowly after giving birth. Resting is also important as it helps ease the pain that one experiences when giving birth. You will also have a chance to learn that resting connects you and helps you create a very strong bond with your child. Postpartum resting also ensures that you have time to eat the right foods for you to maintain your good health and making you stronger.

To conclude, you need to look for training on postpartum care so that you can have an opportunity to access more information on how to go about caring for your baby after you give birth. You will also have the opportunity to learn various practices to do so that you maintain good health to prepare you for the next pregnancy period.

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Buy Tickets to Basketball Games

You might be a big fan of a certain basketball team and if you would really want to watch their game live, you should really save up some money for that. There are a lot of people who go to those live basketball games and it can be really fun to watch such games live. You are going to need a ticket to enter those basketball stadiums to watch your favorite basketball teams play. You can plan with your family or your friends as to what game you are going to watch to support your favorite basketball team. Let us look at where you can find those tickets for the basketball games that you are going to.

You can find tickets for sale online and there are good websites that can help you. Find those websites where you can buy cheap tickets to those basketball games and you are in good hands. When you get those tickets from such ticket sites, you are going to be able to watch those basketball games. You can actually get your money back if you are not satisfied with the tickets that you have or the seating that you have picked. Once it is game day, you can go and find your seats and if you are happy, you should thank those websites that have provided you with such things. Find those tickets that are selling cheap tickets to those basketball games that you would like to watch.

If you would like to earn points for discounts, you can get to do that by purchasing those tickets at those ticket sale websites. Once you purchase tickets from such websites, you are going to get points for that and you can use those points for ticket discounts. You can get to earn a lot of points and when you have such points, you can get bigger discounts on the tickets that you will purchase next time. The more times you buy tickets from that certain website, the more points you are going to have and you can really benefit from having a lot of points. With a lot of points, you can get bigger ticket discounts and that is something that you might really like. There are so many people who have to go to the basketball stadiums to purchase their basketball tickets at and that can be really stressful as it can be very crowded there. If you would like to know more about those ticket sites and those next basketball games, you can go and start researching these things.

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Requirements For Getting A Surrogate Mother

The common thing with a lot of individuals is that at some point in their life they all want to get child of their own, the only challenging thing is that for some people complications usually occur making it a bit hard for them to conceive the children. The best thing that people really need to know now is that there are some great ways nowadays for them to be able to get a child of their own, this is in that people have now invented various methods that can be used for the same and the most popular one is by the use of a surrogate mother. Getting a good surrogate mother can be a very daunting task for a lot of individuals and this is because there are so many of them to choose from, a very good thing nowadays is that some people have come up with proper guidelines that can be followed to help individuals achieve success.

The process of surrogacy involves the fertilization of the embryo out of a body whereby it is then put in another person’s body who in this case is the surrogate, the surrogate usually carries the baby to term and then gives the baby to its parents afterwards which is great. When getting a surrogate mother people are advised to make sure they check how reliable they can be in that they need to make sure that they can trust them, the good thing with this is that individuals will not have anything to worry about during the whole process. An important thing that people are encouraged on is to make sure that you know all about the surrogate mother’s past work and health records, transparency is very important here because people need to be sure that they are dealing with individuals who will be able to provide the best without worry.

One thing that will help people know that they are making the right decision is by asking the surrogates why they want to do the job, their response will be a very good way of knowing if you are making a good choice with the one you choose. An important thing that individuals really need to check on is price, but one thing that they are as i to really check on is that the services they pay for are the best. Getting a good surrogate mother can be done through the online platform, this is whereby individuals are required to compare the various surrogate sites and select one with the best comments and highest rank from previous clients.

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Why You Ought to Employ an Experts for Garage Door Spring Replacement

In the case you have a garage door spring that requires to be replaced, you are highly advised not to do it on your own. This is because the risk of injury is likely to be too high. Additionally, you are likely to easily make an error that might do much damage that will demand you to have a complete door replacement. Consider making a smart and safe choice by employing an expert to do the work for you.

Choosing a perfect professional for garage door spring replacement is not a simple task. This is because they are many of them in the market. Additionally, they all claim to offer perfect services for you. As a result of employing a qualified garage door spring replacement expert, you are guaranteed the following merits.

Ideally, you ought to know that there are two varying spring kinds utilized in garage doors. This includes torsion as well as extension. In general, the torsion spring happens to secure the door top once it closes. On the other hand, the extension springs are utilized on the upper portion of the tracks on every door side. In the case of any type of garage door spring breaks, the outcomes happen to be extremely dangerous.

Usually, the springs are tightly wound to help create the right tension amount required to lift the door. Once a single one snaps, it is capable of doing a considerable deal of damage. As a result, a potentially life-threatening injury is likely to be caused.

Prior to calling an expert, there are various things that you are going to experience. For example, in the case your springs are making a squeaking noise, you might prefer to lubricate them instead of performing garage door spring replacement. As you lubricate it, make sure you do not touch the springs. Once it fails to work, the next essential thing to do is hiring a professional. The reason for this is because the door might be having a severe issue.

As a result of hiring a professional garage door spring replacement, they are going to send you a person to your commercial or residential property. These service providers will replace the springs of your garage door as fast as possible. As they carry out the springs fixing, they carry with them appropriate tools as well as equipment so as to cut the size of the right springs.

On the other hand, the experts are going to install the springs correctly with the right tension amount required. The professional technicians have a proper understanding of how the spring’s installation is customarily done safely. They have to make sure that the door is correctly balanced. To ensure that your door is safe, the professionals wind the torsion springs precisely. In the case, you want to read more merits of employing a professional for garage door spring replacement, click different sites written by various authors but have a similar subject.

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