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Here is How to Protect Your Account From Being Taken Over by Fraudsters

How would you feel if you went shopping and upon using your credit card the bank does not recognize you? Credit card users normally experience these scenarios on a daily basis when they face account takeover attacks. Read on to learn methods of preventing such terrible hacks.
Account takeover fraud happens when cybercriminals access user accounts. The first thing attackers do is to change the password, phone number, postal and email addresses which results in locking out the real account owners. The victim will not receive any communication on any unusual activity which delays them from realizing their account has been hacked. Since the account details have been altered, if the real account owner reports the anomaly the fact that they will not be able to verify the information they are also suspiciously treated.

Several renowned websites appreciate cybersecurity and have gone ahead and installed methods of protecting their users. Although there is no magic pill to prevent account takeovers they can be prevented using these tips. There is nothing wrong in always confirming your account activity. The number of times you check your account depends with you, however, this can be helpful, and you will notice any unusual activity going on. If you are alerted about any suspicious activity or changes in your password, do not ignore them. Always remember all the payments that you have done using your credit card.

Avoid suing public wifi for your banking. Even if wifi connections are handy when you are out shopping, but as a standard user it is hard to tell if the wifi is safe for use. Shared files and printers should be turned off; firewall turned on to protect your data. Your bank account and credit card details should never be entered when you are using public wifi. Switch off a wifi hotspot when you finish a session.

Use distinct and safe passwords for each of your single accounts. You will be easily attacked if you use one password across all your sites. All the acquired credentials by attackers are sold to the dark web. Hackers normally use such credentials to access other sites because they know most people use similar usernames and passwords.

You can boost your account security with multi-factor authentication in the process of identification. The common one is where codes are sent as a text message to the cell phone user. Having a unique and strong password, as well as any other tips, can help to keep your account secured and you are not an easy target. A company should protect accounts belonging to clients. Inform your users of any suspicious activity, assist your users in selecting passwords and enabling the multi-factor authentication.

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